Dogs Vangroovin' goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of all dogs in its care, including the following:

  • Each new client joins the group for a complimentary introductory walk - both dog and parent.  This ensures that your dog feels confident while meeting their new friends, as you provide a comfortable go-to if they feel at all shy.
  • Dogs are booked into specific walks with a minimum requirement of one walk per week.  This ensures that a strong bond is built between dogs and their pack leader.  This, in turn, aids in the positive socialization of shy dogs as they build confidence in a consistent and controlled environment.
  • All pack leaders are trained in canine first aid.
  • Dogs Vangroovin’ walks on private land to ensure a more consistent and controlled environment.
  • Built-in divider walls in the dog bus provide for safe transport and allow dogs to be grouped according to temperament, ensuring that the fun can start as soon as the bus arrives!
  • Dogs are under constant supervision during the entire walk.
  • Each hike has a consistent pack leader, ensuring a strong bond between dog and walker.
  • A detailed history is taken of each new dog to ensure a good fit and to be prepared for unexpected circumstances, such as a fear of thunder or a bee allergy.
  • ID tags are worn by all dogs.
  • A cell phone and first-aid kit are carried on all walks.
  • Clean water is supplied both for refreshment and to clean those muddy paws.
  • Safety leashes are kept in the dog bus in case of emergency.
  • The bus is equipped with air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Walkers are trained in basic dog obedience.
  • Dogs Vangroovin' is bonded and insured.