Calm and Contented

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your taking care of Cody for an outing twice per week.  We are finding that he is very calm and contented generally, and very gentle with other animals and people.  He even recently licked our cat!  He is a great love in our lives, and thanks for you contributing so well to his development and life.

Melanie and Leonard

I am a hound and I LOVE going to "running group"!

Hi, my name is Plato.  I am a hound dog and I LOVE going to "running group" with Kristen.  I can get a little nervous about the van and all the dogs but Kristen has taken the time and made sure that I am comfortable.  Kristen has been fantastic with me and ensure that I am safe, even if I make that difficult sometimes!  I have always looked forward to my runs with Kristen and the other dogs - I have even started bringing friends with me it is so fun!


I'll miss my hikes!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful walks.  I look foward to every Wednesday moring to see you and my friends.  I'll miss you.  Thanks for everything.


Great Health!

Yukon and Brandy, ages 14 and 15 respectively, are in great health for their ages.  I am sure that is, to a large extent, attributed to the regular walks they have had with you (Dogs Vangroovin) since they started in 2006.  Thank you.  You run a great service and you do it well.

Rick Holt

Caring and Reliable

... When you realize that something could be done to improve the dogs' experiences, like the doggy swims in the heat of summer, you do it...

Casey, Bev and Denis

Shy to Social!

We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dogs Vangroovin’ and Kristen!  Our dog, who was abandoned when he was young, was never the most socially outgoing creature.  Within a few weeks of beginning his Dogs Vangroovin’ hikes, we noticed that his behaviour around other dogs had improved tremendously...

Cole, Chris and Rebecca

Above and Beyond!

... Within a very few months the exercise, stimulation and love provided by Kristen helped my previously abused pound puppy come out of his shell to become this energetic gregarious loving member of my family...

Donald, Tony & Baxter

Content and exhausted.

... I love knowing that Jimmy is able to go out in the middle of the day, get LOTS of exercise, see all of his dog "buddies", and come home content and exhausted...

Mark (and Jimmy) Blackett

An exceptional service!

This is an exceptional service: our great dane has thrived with Kristen's walks through the fields and woods. He is far healthier than he was before he started "working out" with Kristen in Dogs Vangroovin'.

Rupert, Brian & Elizabeth

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thank you so much!  We know Copper loves the hikes and we love knowing that he is having such a great time.

Jim & Jill

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