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Adventure Hikes and Dog Walking Kingston

Groovytown Dog Lodge (formerly Dogs Vangroovin') is grounded in the belief that dogs enrich our lives and, in turn, they deserve rich lives too.  Dogs need a chance to be dogs - to run freely, stretch their legs, strengthen their hearts, and socialize with fellow canines. These are vital factors for a well-behaved, healthy dog - and that’s what Groovytown Dog Lodge is all about.

Established in 2001, Dogs Vangroovin' was created by Kristen Kadis as a means of balancing the rigors of university with a healthy lifestyle. Starting with $30, a little yellow Volkswagon Beetle, and training in basic dog obedience, the dog-walking and hiking adventures began! More than fifteen years later, Kristen has become the leader in canine group relations in the Kingston area. She is often sought out for her ability to work with all types of dog personalities, and for her desire to bring harmony to human-dog relationships.

Groovytown Dog Lodge offers more than just a dog walking service or boarding facility - it’s a chance for city-bound canines in Kingston to escape the restrictions of sidewalks and leashes and get back to nature while their owners are at work or play!  

In 2017 Dogs Vangroovin' expanded with the purchase of a large acreage in Odessa, Ontario.  Along with this acquistion came a name change to Groovytown Dog Lodge and the addition of overnight boarding facilities.  In addition, two large areas (6 acres and 3 acres) were fenced with 6' no-climb fencing, a line of electric wire at the top for jumpers and climbers, and fencing 6" of underground fencing for diggers.  These fenced 'Adventure Parks' are enjoyed by both day hikers and overnight guests.

With door-to-door service (for daily adventure hikes only) and reasonable rates (including discounts for members!) its time to get your dog in on the adventure!

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About the Pack Leader

Kristen Kadis launched Dogs Vangroovin' (now Groovytown Dog Lodge) in 2001 while living in Vanvouver, British Columbia.  Kristen has always been passionate about animals.  She will stop traffic to save an injured duck, or to escort a turtle across a busy road.  When she visits family her animals are always in tow, the entourage being an expected, rambunctious intrusion to any family function.  Her enthusiastic passion can be felt in the culture she has created with Groovytown Dog Lodge.

In 2002, Kristen moved her company from Vancouver, to Kingston, Ontario, when she enrolled at Queen's University. Upon graduation she decided to remain in Kingston to build Dogs Vangroovin' (which now operates under the name Groovytown Dog Lodge and inludes overnight care) into a full-time venture. 

The expansion of Dogs Vangroovin' into Groovytown Dog Lodge was a dream come true for Kristen.  Moving from BC, Kristen missed the freedom that dogs and their human companions had to wander and explore through beautiful spaces.  So much of the land near Kingston is privately owned or restricts dogs to short leashes.  Groovytown Dog Lodge changes all of that by boasting two large adventure parks with walking paths, open spaces and scenic woods to explore.  

We've been getting some attention ...

An article in the Kingston Whig Standard: "Queen's grad turns her school-funding job into a full-time endeavour".


Karl Springer was our beautiful model for Dogs Vangroovin's First Aid Course, held in November, 2011.  
Here he was featured in Kingston This Week, November 24, p9.